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Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Advances Level) 

There are many pre-university programmes that you can choose from, but here are some of the top reasons why you should take A-Level.


(I) A-Level is recognised by many universities worldwide

A-Level is well-known as the gold standard of pre-university courses, and is widely accepted by universities worldwide. While it is generally the go-to programme if you wish to study in the UK, it is also accepted by many other countries, including Australia, USA, Canada & Singapore.

(II) It keeps your options open

While Foundation programmes may limit you to certain degrees at certain universities, A-Level allows you to pursue a wide range of degrees upon successful completion. This is especially great if you’re not sure what degree to study yet!

Pro Tip: Choosing Math and Science subjects will not only allow you to study Science degrees, but also Business, Law, Communication & Computer Science among others.


(III) It gives you deep knowledge in your chosen subjects

Instead of having to juggle five or six subjects, A-Level allows you to focus on only a few subjects and gain in-depth knowledge in your chosen subjects. This is great for those who are passionate about a few subjects and want to dive straight in.

(IV) There is a wide range of A-Level resources available

Materials such as past year papers, marking schemes and revision questions are readily available everywhere for A-Level. Your college will supplement you with sufficient resources to ace your exam, but if you don’t think it’s enough, the internet is filled with resources for you to go through! 


The objective of the programme is to prepare the student to sit for the GCE ‘A’ Level examination in the following subjects: -

Syllabus 8807 H1 General Paper

Syllabus 9755 H2 Principles of Accounting

Syllabus 9756 H2 Management of Business

Syllabus 8819 H1 Economics

Syllabus 9732 H2 Economics


Qualification to be awarded upon course completion:

The student has to register for the GCE ‘A’ Level examination on his own. Upon passing the examination, he/she will be awarded the GCE ‘A’ Level certificate.

Qualification to be awarded by:​

University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) and Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE)


Full/Part Time 108 hours per subject (Maximum 5 subjects)